NHB KnifeWorks, LLC is located in St. Louis, Missouri. We specialize in custom made knives and knife handles. Our current knife  production line consists of multiple types of steel, all with hand-made handles in multiple knife patterns, including custom patterns. We also offer knife accessories and other NHB products including bottle-stops, salt grinders, peppermills, salt bowls, pens and decorative bowls. 

Paring Knives

Handmade Custom Artisan Paring Knives
Our Paring Knives are specifically designed for light, very detailed cutting (i.e. birds & trout) along with traditional paring work.

Utility Knives

Artisan Handmade Utility Kitchen Knives
Our Utility Knives are designed for light to mid-level kitchen jobs, prep work, meat fabrication and small jobs on the line.

Chef Knives

custom handmade artisan chef knives
Our Chef Knives, designed with pure functionality in mind, handling most any job in the kitchen.

Specialty Knives

custom handmade artisan chef knives
Our Specialty Knives are one of a kind creations, and have many uses in the kitchen, from fine cutting to large jobs, you’ll find a specialty knife for just about anything here!

NHB Knifeworks, LLC. 4155 Beck, St. Louis, Missouri 63116 (by Appointment Only)
(314) 776-3800 or (855) 642-5643 (toll-free) | e-mail: info@nhbknifeworks.com