Asian Market St Louis

A Quick Guide to Chef Nate’s Favorite Asian Markets in St. Louis

One of my all time favorite weekend activities is to eat Dim Sum at Lu Lu’s or Wonton King on Olive and then hit the Asian markets for popsicles, dumplings, seafood and odd produce!  Its much more than a trip to the store, its an adventure!  The people, the smells and the culture make this this a true STL experience.  Here are my favorites spots and what to get from each.


Jon Taffer and Some Half-Assed Education in the Food Industry

So, for those of you who haven’t seen the show Bar Rescue, it is a fantastic train-wreck of education and ridiculous reality TV. It airs on Spike TV on Sunday nights and is currently available for streaming on Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime. The show itself is extremely entertaining and has become a staple in my repertoire of reality TV, beating out the runner up of hot housewives of ?????. The show is broken down into three parts of education, the first being the front of the house, the second being the back of the house, and the third, being the top of the house. You will see many guest chefs and amazing bartenders throughout the seasons, some of which you will recognize as TV celebrities and some of which are “wanna be” TV celebrities (aka Vic Vegas who throws quesadillas on the floor). Beyond the yelling, screaming, crying and in some cases fighting, there is an abundance of industry education in this show. Jon Taffer worked his whole life in the food industry before the TV show, and is the author of multiple books educating business owners in both the culinary and bar field. For all of you industry pros out there who think you know everything, definitely watch this show. For the rest of you, watch this show for the insanity, aka Amy’s Baking Company, Scottsdale, AZ…Look it up!